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The TB12 Nutrition Manual is available for pre-order


The TB12 Nutrition Philosophy

We believe that what we get out of our bodies is a direct result of what we put in. Our nutrition philosophy combines common-sense ideas with cutting-edge approaches, and brings together Eastern and Western philosophies regarding diet and supplementation with the goal of helping everyone achieve and sustain their peak performance.

Our nutrition recommendations are designed to maximize wellness and minimize risk of injury through maintaining proper body pH balance and avoiding foods that can cause inflammation. The recipes in our manual do not include refined carbohydrates, gluten, dairy, or fungus.




TB12 Nutrition Manual

The TB12™ Nutrition Manual is a limited-edition “living document” containing information about our core TB12 nutritional philosophies and featuring a library of 89 seasonally-inspired recipes that you can use to support your TB12-aligned nutrition plan.

The manual is designed to be modified and expanded over time using its unique screw post binding: as we periodically update this manual with new or modified recipes (or new instructional content) we will send additional pages to all purchasers of the manual.

The manual is printed and hand assembled in the United States, and we use thick 100 pound text paper. The covers are made from natural wood with a laser-etched TB12 logo and title.